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XF door frame trims around windows

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Hi Guys, 

is there a trick to removing the trims that clip on around the window frames on the XF doors? 

I have removed both the top sections of the front and rear passenger doors. the rear one came off ok, the front got a little bent, but was able to straighten it out. I am removing them to respray them as part of the restoration. 

Am I supposed to be taking the top edge (side away from glass) off first, or the bottom edge (clipped into rubber) off first? 



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I'd say top edge, I think I remember ripping mine off a while back just with my fingers. Trick is to not concentrate leverage on one point, that's when you put kinks in it. Maybe on the stubborn ones, use a block of softwood wrapped in some rag, tapped gently with a hammer?

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thanks guys. 

I ended up buying myself one of those 5 piece plastic interior panel removal tool kits. one of the smaller tools in that kit worked a treat. 

basically once i got it started, i was able to run the tool between the door frame and the bottom edge of the trim and carefully pop it off from the bottom out. i even re-fitted each one after removing it to make sure i hadnt bent it or stretched it too far, then carefully removed them a second time. over the next couple days I will respray the black part of them and re-fit them :D 

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