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if someone was to buy a series 1 eb which has seperate transmission control and wanted the later ecu with built in transmission control, how would they get it to work?

have read you just cut the wires to the transmission control and just run it to the ecu and connect it as it would be in the eb2 on.

could you just get a engine bay ecu harness out a eb2 ed and split the transmission wires and add it to the eb1 harness and unplug the transmission harness if it’s same as the eb2 and plug it into the added new transmission wiring.

is the small harness that goes on transmission same between eb1 and eb2.



With abs is there a way to add it to a eb1 and ifso what you need? 

Think you need the pump, pipes, sensors and lines and wiring and seperate ecu if you get eb2/ed setup 


also wanted to ask if the eb1 fairmont has cruise control but no power windows is the wires already there in the floor harness and only door wiring need doing? Or do you have to add lot?

will the eb2/ed fairmont or late nc fairlane door wiring plug into the eb1 floor wiring.


also with the climate control and trip computer buttons being grey will the eb2 trip computer work on a eb1 and will the climate control panel from a eb2 or ed cfc free work on a eb1? Have seen eb2 climate control panels without cfc free writing being used in a eb1

if anyone’s got pictures of it all that’d be great

what would you need to convert to a 4.0 if it’s a 6cyl from the 3.9. And will eb2 ac lines work on a eb1


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