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was just wondering how youd go about adding some of the later technology to older cars, obviousley you cant add side airbags which is fine, just wanted a few little things

1. steering wheel buttons for stereo - is it possible to buy a wireless remote control for the aftermarket stereos that attach to the steering wheel that work with kenwood jvc and pioneer stereos, and ifso where do you get them from. ebay, repco,auto one, sprint?

2. radio reception - how would you improve the fm reception in a older car that has a aftermarket stereo, ef fairmont has a aftermarket jvc touch screen and it cant pick up the adelaide fm stations in the copper triangle, can barely get the local copper coast station, have driven a 2006 hyundai santa fe and the factory santa fe stereo picks up every station even adelaide in wallaroo and the fairmonts newer aftermarket stereo doesnt pick much fm up not like the santa fes factory 12 year old stereo.

what antennas and boosters would have been fitted to the santa fe when it was made to improve the fm reception. would fitting a aftermarket fm booster improve fm reception in the fairmont and when your really close to the transmitter will the booster add too much gain and block the station when in a city.

is it possible to put a window type antenna on the rear window and is it possible to get a splitter or something to connect 2 antennas together (the window antenna and the original one)/ would a tv masthead amp work if it is one that picks up the fm band.

will fitting a fm booster stop am from working.

3. lane depature and forward collision - is it possible to fit lane depature and forward collision to a older car. have heard you can buy aftermarket kits for previous cars.

blind spot detection - is it possible to buy and fit blind spot detection, have seen some kits at jbhifi.


with the cruise control can you fit aftermarket cruise control or newer ford cruise control that still has the cable and be able to use original ford ones, and ifso what kits allow that and is using ford still what models still have the cable and allow you to still use the original buttons on steering wheel/

with the ed model can you fit ef cruise control and still be able to use the ed buttons and ifso what parts would you use.

to get ef cruise control to work how would you join the ed cable to ef module.

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