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just a question

Will a 97 series one el v8 fairmont dash harness plug into a series 2 el xr8 engine bay harness and body harness and work or will it only plug into and work with a series one el v8/xr8

will the el v8 dash and engine bay harness plug into ef body wiring and work and is the el v8/xr8 series 1/2 harnesses all same

will the ef climate control and trip computer with black buttons work on a el v8 fairmont dash harness

have a dash harness for a el series 1 fairmont and wanted to know if itd plug into either a el2 xr8 engine bay harness or any el v8/xr8 and work and plug into a ef floor wiring and work.

is the floor harness same between the ef/el 6/v8

thanks for any help

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