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ef central locking isn’t best, it goes funny on hot days

what central locking would be best out of aftermarket or e series. What other central locking actuators could be made to fit while working with factory smartlock, while looking factory.

what would actuators from a ea-ed be like compared with ef/el and with ea-ed ones will the back ones go in same direction as ef/el back ones or do they go opposite, think the ef/el back ones go opposite, then itll probably be a as simple as switching a couple wires.

whats the aftermarket kits really like and what kg force would you go for a ef. is 6 kg force ok or would you want to go 8kg hd force.



and need to know when fitting a au2/3 throttle body to a ef can you just join colour for colour on the tps plug because the wires are exactly same colour codes or would you have to check diagrams.


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