Fairmont v8 dash harness in a el v8/xr8

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just a question

Will a 97 series one el v8 fairmont dash harness plug into a series 2 el xr8 engine bay harness and body harness or will it only plug into and work with a series one el v8/xr8

will the ef climate control and trip computer with black buttons work on a el v8 fairmont dash harness

in a el v8/xr8 and a s2 el xr8 is the wires there for all the fairmont stuff but just sitting there unplugged 

and how do you add rear power windows to a xr8

Is the green bcm same in v8/6cyl or are they different between the 2 in both ef/el

they are different beteen ef and el but wondered if the 6 cyl one would work in v8


thanks for any help

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Just a bit of advice, don't take this as a personal attack, if you want people to help you give us a bit of context on what you are trying to do, make yourself an introduction post tell us a little about yourself (you don't have to worry about names and such but, tell us about previous projects or if this is your first one let us know that too), your car and what you want to achieve with your car, this will give us an idea of your skill level so we can give you answers that will actually be useful to you of you are not sure what direction you want to go with your car let us know that too.
I say this because at the moment it just seems like you are asking random questions with no context for us and as a general rule of thumb people won't answer those style of questions unless they know why, so in summary keep asking questions but let people know why you want to know the answer

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reason for wanting to know is have a 97 el v8 auto fairmont dash harness in shed and just incase a el xr8/v8 thats not a fairmont or a el series 2 xr8 can be found for a good price want to put the fairmont electrics in if it doesnt have it.

also wondered if the ef black climate control and trip computer would work in a el because dont like the grey buttons.

bought the v8 97 el fairmont auto dash harness as may either convert the ef fairmont to v8 or may find a el auto v8/xr8 or el2 auto xr8 but dont like the grey buttons so thats reason for wondering if a 97 el v8 fairmont dash harness would work in only a el1 v8/xr8 or if its work in a series 2 el as well

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