No power to stereo NC Fairlaine

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So all my new toys arrived for the old girl, A brand new stereo and today I picked up the wiring harnesses in order to connect it up....

Yay! Finally a stereo that works in my car, *wees*

So I plug everything in connect it all up and..... NOTHING

Yep, plain old boring nothing, no lights on the new stereo, nada.

So it looks like no stereo for me still until I can figure out what the hell I am doing wrong or if there is actually an issue with the car causing the stereo not to work...

Any ideas? The next option is to throw money at auto elec, which I'd rather not do if it's something simple that I can fix myself....


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check the fuses ...
mine blew one because apparently dangling live wires shorting out do that.. (ones that aren't fused emit smoke... yep, had that also..)

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Heh, fuses were the first thing I checked. Although I suspect I missing something, there is no actual fuse labelled 'stereo/radio or similar. but I checked the accessory fuse and a few others but all are fine.

Then borrowed a multi meter.... Seems like there is no power coming through the wiring for the stereo, so it looks like I'm gonna have to take her to auto elec after all and hopefully see if they can diagnose what the issue is... knowing my luck, it will be something stupid...

Well this just proves it when it comes to car stereos I am cursed... I only ever seem to have problem after problem when it comes to them :/

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Often those AeroPro plug and play harnesses, have the pins in the wrong location in the plugs.
They may suit the base model Falcons, but not the Fairlane/LTD's.

Get a wiring diagram from the AFF Forums for the NC lanes, identify which colour wires are constant power, ign power etc,
Then match that up, to the plug and play harness you've bought.

Using a jeweller's screwdriver, you can usually release the pins from the plug, and move them to the correct location.

Got some pics of the connections you can show us?

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