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I brought a turbo a while back..... with the intent of jamming it on my XF and enjoying some boost.  But then the wife, said you know you should do it legally, which technically because its an ADR37 engine is highly naughty in SA.

But anything pre 76 is fair game on the original manufacturers motor.  So this got me thinking, and she was keen for another car to add to the menagerie.  I wanted V8, she wanted a wagon, it was looking like a holden or ford wagon but people want stupid money for a v8 wagon these days.  So she said no to a Kingswood wagon (which I quite like) and cost killed anything XR to XY. (mainly because I don't like the fat arse look of the xa-xc wagons.

But she was keen on a Mercedes, mainly because she liked the Tv series hart to hart when she was a kid.  But that was an SL, and the convertible was too ostentatious for her.  And yeah a yellow convertible is shit.

So all this led to looking at the C107/R107 Mercedes.  She wanted sunroof, I wanted V8.  Match made in heaven.  


So I present this.  der panzerwagen.  On my way to Brisbane (from Perth tonight) to pick it up and jam it on a truck to Adelaide. A 450slc 2 owners 178k, some rust (but manageable), sunroof, clunk, 6 bolt main M117.986 v8 motor and 8.8 :1 compression iron block.  k-jetronic they joys of mechanical semi-electronic injection.


Plans are

Put on truck

get rust repair panels (they're easier to get than shit for a falcon surprisingly)


Add turbo





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Very cool!!
I used to enjoy working on these old girls. They are so solid and smooth to drive, a turbo will wake it up nicely.
I'd pull the fuel tank and get it cleaned and flush all the lines too. The k-jetronic fuel system (aka toilet bowl ) is brilliant but after many years of dirt and dust accumulation in the tank it will wreak havoc on your fuel distributor and they are quite $$$ to repair.

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No shit. My stepdad has one of these in the shed. UK delivered, silver with blue velour and no sunroof. Had plenty of rust taken out of the floor and had been restored already. What year is it? It is surprising how many parts are available. 

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Yeah put it on a truck to Adelaide this afternoon.  Its a tank, and even with a standard exhaust sound tits.  Rides like a champ, and has a surprising amount of grip.  No feel whatsoever in the steering and thats by xf standards.

Im in two minds about whether I do a bit of work or just rego on it asap and cruise.  Does have some rust in the passenger door, RH rear fender and some spots just starting underneath.


Was kept in a shed with a tumble drier and this and the cracked Schulz means theres a bit of surface corrosion but nothing really major yet.so need a bit of wire wheel work

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I love how older Mercs are built. So over-engineered in every area eg. they never use throttle cables, always linkages and ball joints. I did my time on Mercedes buses. Euro stuff use some weird-arse bolt sizes, so make sure your socket set has all bases covered. Autos can be fussy with oil quality so first thing to do is a flush/service. K-jet is reliable but fiddly when things start to wear out like Valvebouncer mentioned.

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old school ute

Have to fix a few things on the panzer

Brake hoses 

Master cyl  reservior



Tidy up some things costemtically


Then cruise


Ut then gets its roller camed crosslfowthat I've been getting bits for


Then the panzer gets floorpans and rust and paint


and then turbo...




so I'm right for projects for the next 18 months.

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Lol have to be organised the work roster changes a bit so I'm either on a plane flying to or from western oz.

Story with this cars was I flew red eye Perth to Brisbane, brought car, jumped back on plane to Adelaide that arvo.  After 8 days at the mine I work at.  So pulled about 6,500km last week.

Parts have been arriving (in a way these are easier to get bit for than an XY), so now have brake hoses, panel repair kits (pans and fenders) speedo cable indicator stalk etc.  Seatbelts I ordered from Brisbane along with the sunroof motor.

Missus is cracking jokes about the mail room in the house, not saying why have you got all this shit.  Love her.

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7 hours ago, Lord_fahrquhar said:

Missus is cracking jokes about the mail room in the house, not saying why have you got all this shit.  Love her.

yep, she's a keeper.....

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There’s more to the story have been working on the good one for a bit so have to find some decent image host to post.  Fuck you photofucket.


the second part to the story is a parts car I acquired - an 1981 380 slc.  This has proven to be too good to wreck and so the wife has insisted this one get restored too


So one project has become two.



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Okay, thanks to photo fuck it being stupid, and now finally coming back with a plan rate which people consider useful I can now post pics properly of this mofo (and yeah I know I could have used imgur...)

Car was originally a 350 slc, brought new by a bloke called Ray Maclean.  Is an icon gold car (not its current colour).  Was involved in an accident in the 90's so Ray went to town on having it reupholstered, repainted and some rust fixed.

Was then brought by a young couple who used it as a daily, before selling it to Mick who I brought it from.  Carries all receipts since the accident so while I know its been fucked with, it drives straight.

Was never going to be a concours car, something to drive and enjoy.

Some pics when I went and got it.





In the above wow 260kph speedo - but if you look at the part number its a 116 series part off a 6.9.  Tacho is true to the car and sometimes works, originally being a 107023 (350slc) its got the redline for the M116 V8 and not that of the M117 thats currently in it.  (difference mainly being the deck height - as per 302/351 ford windsors).



Little did I know this was the tip of the iceberg.


But no rust here thank fuck...


So jammed it on a truck - and brought it home to Adelaide.  Was fun driving past cops with no plates on the car.



Inspection - passed. not by transport sa however.



Then put it under the carport



Then started with a few things to fix, wheel bearings tie rod ends etc.  Then stuck a screwdriver into a corner of the car and started down the rust rabbit hole.  Wanted to fix all of this before getting rego, it might have passed an ID check but really didn't want to risk it.  Didn't want to risk my or wives life in it either.


Back floor


Under back seat - a really common spot


Wheel arches - started cutting here


Ive been recycling this at work - its high grade iron ore.


Under the back bumper

So the fun started when I pulled the boot apart and found the "repair" of stuff in the late 90's hadn't held up.  So started with the plasma cutter...



The above two pics are the left hand side of the boot.  The floor, wheel well and chassis rail were basically hanging on with hopes and dreams.

The right side wasn't much better...


Lucky you can buy replacement panels for these easily enough.  However, had to fabricate repairs to the chasis rail to ensure the car had something to hang onto.


So fabbed up some templates


Braced the back of the car and started welding stuff back in.  


Fixing the chassis rail to wheelhouse patches.


Welding the back panel back to the fabbed chassis rail



Reattaching the chassis rail to the back of the car 


Now sticking panels back in the boot


More boot panels


Fixing the side.


So thats where I am at now, just got to fix some of the right hand side of the boot, then have to pull the floors out, and sills off next.  Car has been stripped to make it easier to work on.



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So this is when shit started getting out of control.  I was committed, and like when I did the ute, thought I could do with a parts car.


Enter this a 1981 380 SLC.  Being a later model I thought cool, I can get the wood trim, an aluminium bonnet another motor (all alloy m116).  Is the last year they made this body shape, they only built another 300 after this.



But it was good.  too good.





So the missus said I want both.  So we agreed to restore this one (which has quite a bit of rust on the outside but none inside) and turn the original one into the hot rod.


This one was inspected by Bella and given the thumbs up



Done the injectors


Done the cam oilers (which is a big thing on these )



This one suffers mainly cosmetic issues (external rust in the usual spots) but engine needs a top end rebuild as it smokes on overrun.  No biggie scored a set of record heads for 300 bucks...



So yeah going to be a bit busy...

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