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Jack knows all about these, I believe the hydratrak is the same as a commodore centre and is a fluid filled setup that transfers power to the wheel with the most grip. Here's some info I posted from a commy forum. Hydratrak limited-slip differential uses a cartridge-type
fluid coupling, which progressively and smoothly increases torque transfer to
the wheel with traction. This is in direct response to the reactive speed
difference between the wheel with traction and the opposing, faster rotating
wheel -- the wheel that is slipping. Thus, the more one wheel slips, the more
useful traction that is transferred to the opposing wheel.

The standard holden/BW lsd is a plate-type (act just like little sprung clutch plates) that locks up fairly rapidly and sharply if one wheel spins faster than the other. They can be taken out and torqued up tighter if you want less slip before it starts turning the other wheel as well. The downside is that they lock up just as sharply at low speed, which the viscous type don't, so the rear drifts out more easily if you provoke it in a corner at low speed - but fun as long as you're ready for it!

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