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2V Head Refresh

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I only spent an hour on the exhaust guide bosses as it was too hard to get in any further with the die grinder, and there was little room to improve on.

That's not to say that it's a good design, it's just much more involved to take it any further. Touching the short turn would be pointless as there was a large buildup of carbon along the whole floor, indicating a dead spot already.

The roof seems to be where the flow follows. Where the header bolts on is often criticised for the sharp downward turn. However if you go raising that roof you make it worse and just go past the top of the header flange and create a step.

So the exhausts just need a bit of streamlining around the guide, and some small ridges removed between the seat and the bowl and that's it.

So all up, i have exactly 3 hours 45 min in these heads, and all that's left now is to drop them at a machine shop for all the other bits that need attention.

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