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13 hours ago, Defective said:

Perfect little car for a track hack. Obviously 1/4s aren't it's forte but the hill climbs,gymkhanas etc will be right up its alley. I'd like something like that myself but I'm not willing to put up with the supporting costs involved haha.



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with the amount of wheel spin it got , i'm sure a decent set of front tyres and maybe lowered front/higher/stiffer rear would get it off the line better. 

i think it would be cool as a club rego sleeper.. get another one that's gramps spec and re shell it

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Otherwise known, as 'She said NO'.... :lol:

Haha I wouldn’t even bother bringing it up... I just bought a 6x4 trailer for too much off a mate who’s doing it tough and she still gave me the ‘wtf do we need that for’ look haha.
Pretty sure I know exactly what would be said if I had to buy a tow rig and car trailer to cart the race car we don’t have room for...

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Geez Scott, you sure you want 9s, 10s or 11s there? 😆


Also, I know she's been through a few motors now - 3? 4? - but that's the first time I think we've seen the genuine green rocker cover on it, to the point it looks odd to see it that colour....or is it just me?

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He really is flogging a dead horse with that car...  11's is pretty good, IMO. :)


500hp is more than past the limit, of an essentially stock Barra.


Seems like the turbo is coming in too soon, with all the start-line wheel spin.

Hence the blown BTR also...


Maybe if they controlled the boost, a bit more incrementally?

It may give better launches, and save the transmission?



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