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Heh no, I'm not lowering her any further, I like the ability to cross speed-humps and the occasional pot-hole without the risk of tearing something out from the under-frame. ;)

As it is, the rear suspension automatically lowers itself when I put the transmission into drive, something I've had to get used to. I think Polson's FG would do the same....?

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Yep, think it's to do with RWD and the Ford Control Blade IRS.
BA sedan I've driven does it too, but the old BA Repco ute I drove didn't (solid rear)

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Well, it's been nearly a year since I last updated this! To be honest, there's nothing much else to show, as the Lady has eased comfortably into a daily role for me over the last year.

Here's a few pictures parked at work: she's a little grubby unfortunately.

She was overdue for a wash, so a morning getting detailed/valetted, she looks a lot better now:
Much better! Of course, Melbourne being Melbourne, it rained not too long afterwards, and she looks nowhere near as nice anymore.:( At least the inside is still spotless.

Least I could do for her: she was built about this time three years ago. Happy 3rd birthday to the Lady! :lol:

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