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Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

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1 hour ago, Fingers said:

You are fortunate to have a decent shed and parking.

Many people in greater Melbourne would be very envious

Yes we are lucky. 
but the shed too is a project in itself. 
currently it is not water tight, so i won’t be parking any cars in there. 
there is no spouting on it, so water runs off the roof and straight in above the sliding doors and pulls on the floor of the shed. 
also isnt the most secure door on the laneway side. 
so for the time being the wagon is at my parent’s place until the shed is ready. 
same with the Escort, i won’t bring it here until i know the shed is good to go 

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This is where I am up to. Progress has been really slow, because I am now back at work, and we are smashed at work at the moment now that restrictions have been all but lifted. 


This is the driver's side strut complete. 




I had to get the hubs machined down on a lathe, which I knew was the case, to replicate Cortina Mk2/Capri hubs. 


Very very little space. I potentially will need to get a tad more off yet. But it does clear and run freely. 





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10 hours ago, bear351c said:

Wow..!    This is going to be spectacular.  Well done mate, all the good gear, in a sweet little Esky. Will go like stink, and stop on a dime!

thanks mate. 

it certainly turned out to be a bigger build than originally expected, but yes there has been little expense spared. I figured I’ll never be able to afford to buy another one, so build this into the car I want. 

best thing is, its all reversible back to 100% stock if i wanted to. 

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Today was a big day. 

the car is finally back on its wheels after about 12 months. 


Subframe and driveline looks good in there 






The modified Type 9 gearbox fits perfectly, to a tee. @2redrovers

The boot is a steering rack boot to seal the shifter from crud. 




Brakes well and truely fill the 13" wheels. 




I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but it is at least back on its wheels and rolling. 




Thanks to Peter for the following photos. 

Me with my head somewhere under the car lining things up. 




getting the gearbox to line up...its close, but perfect to a tee. 

*cameo featuring Mark's crazy Zetec powered panel van* 




Done, and on its way back down to earth. those brakes, though :P




last bit of spanner turning for the day





Its nice to have it rolling again, and should be home within a couple weeks. 
I still have loads to do. the front seats are off getting upholstered now. 

once its home the assembly can start. 

I have a bit of electrical work to do, to neaten up the engine bay, couple more brake lines to make, fuel lines to make, paint the brake booster bracket, rebuild booster, paint fuel tank. lots of work ahead of me, but at least it can now come home. 

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looks amazing! 


CV joint boot came to mind for the tunnel to gearstick boot.(might go over where the rack boot where the zip tie is even)


is that @2redrovers panel van there? looks almost finished ;) 


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