Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

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So i decided on sunday to finally pull the rack out of The car. It came out nice and easily 

despite coming off the MTB monday morning out at Lysterfield on the trails, i decided to keep working on the rack. It was definitely a struggle when my right have is bruised and swollen, my left knee bandaged, and some nice bruising and grazing down my right arm, but i got it all finished yesterday, awaiting to go back in the car on thursday (next day off work) 


All stripped ready for paint


Test fitting new arms and gators


All painted...


Finished. I also managed to spill most of the oil back out of it after filling it with fresh oil all over the garage floor *rookie mistake* but all is good, and just awaiting to be fitted in a couple of days 


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ok ok so the oil incident :P 

there is no drain plug for once. but there are also no seals to keep oil in (other than the gators) 

so what happened was, we filled it with oil, as per the method described in the workshop manual. that is to stand it on its end, driver's side up, and the rack turned full lock to the right, and pour the oil in. 

what we didnt do was, cable tie the passenger side gator on, it was just sitting on, so oil was seeping out around that. 

once we filled it with oil, we were testing it, turning it left to right, and noticed the LH gator was getting sucked in on itself like a vacuum affect, every time i turned it full lock to the left. so genius over here thought it would be a good idea to stand the rack up on its end (this time driver's side down) and lift the passenger side gator off a bit to let air in...what i didnt realise was, all the oil had passed the polyurethane bush and was sitting right at the end where the gator goes on. so as soon as i lifted the gator off, it was like a vacuum, or pressure release and the oil just came flowing out until the air equalised inside the rack :( 

so lesson learned. I re-fitted the gator properly this time, turned it back over and filled it with oil again, but this time didnt worry about the gator getting sucked in. i just turned it back and forth numerous times until the oil/air ration equalised in the ends. i could hear the air blowing bubbles in the oil inside the gator until it equalised, so it now shouldn't get sucked in when i turn, hopefully lol :P 

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9 hours ago, deankdx said:

lysterfield is on my to do list.. not crashing though.

was the oil due for a flush out.. probably


yeah dont crash, it hurts lol. 

it gets super slippery this time of year, because it gets really dry, and so instead of being hard compacted ground, it has a layer is fine dirt, and in some areas sand on top. thats how i came off. went into a fast corner and the front wheel just washed out so hit the ground hard :(

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