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steve mcqueen

My Yellow Excel

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Hey Team

Seems Yellow is the new black so with out further a do.....

I bought this off the net as my old daily had died.

1999 twin cam Hyundai excel with Alloys, air, steer, tint.

Needed a couple of things repaired so got busy and fixed it up.

This was the 4 sale pic.



Got it home and stripped out the interior as it was full of dog hair  :(



Then went back to the net and found a super clean interior from 

another wreck and bought it to replace. Looks shmicko inside.

Had to fix the exhaust, 




And polish her up as her paint work was faded heaps



Whack on some plates and drive away no more to pay  :)










She's a great little every day driver.

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My sister bought one of these brand new in 2000 and has only replaced it in 2013 13 years never did a thing to it but fit a timing chain guide as it droped the chain and stoped not even a clutch in 246.000km she gave it away as it was still going fine, she just wanted a new car and was in a good spot to buy one

I don't like them cause of what they are but as a car to have a trouble free daily with just enough power to push the little things you cant go past one


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i've hired a Hyundai Getz, was comfy quick and good on fuel(1.6 litre) and was given a excell as a courtessy car once and found the same..
i'd consider having one although i'd probably still prefer a corolla with 4AGE or SR20 pulsar for not much extra

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I blew one up :P mid 90s excel was doing 600ks a week in it bought it for 700 bucks :P one day just as I was getting to work there's was a big poof of smoke out the back and it stopped :P managed to drive it home but had to heel toe brake and keep the revs up Coz it just wanted to stop when I slowed down and at one point it did just stopped while doing 90kmh just popped the clutch and it started again. Eventually got home parked it on the lawn and called the wreckers :P. Was pretty fun to thrash around in tho.


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