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Might as well make a thread for my xl falcon since i'm on this forum more often now.


started off with dad giving me my first car when i was 11, we put a 250, c4 and borg warner diff in it and thats about as far as it has progressed over the last 11 years other then the addition of a big brake kit.


over those 11 years between myself and dad we've owned 6 other XL falcons the latest being this one, dad brought it when i was 13 or 14 and i ended up buying it off him when i was 17 and cruised around it for a few years slowly fixing and improving it.

Then one day last year after coming home from a car show some what motivated to work on my own car i though stuff it i'll give it a quick respray.. famous last words. found a bit of bog, then a bit of rust, then alot of rust and shit just got out of hand from there.


my first XL and this XL when i brought it off dad



what it looked like before i took it off the road



and what it looks like now



new drivers side boot floor tacked in



small patch on the passenger side boot floor 




about this time Campo was giving me shit about not having my fairmont front painted before AFD for what would have been the 3rd year in a row and being sick of making rust repairs decided to try get it painted 2 weeks before heading over to geelong




with that done it was time to get back into the rust repairs

plenum about 90% done



starting to make the boot floor behind the diff



mounts to fit mustang bucket seats




and where i'm up to now making the drivers rear floor pans 



still to do:  both sill panels, drivers front floor pan, both lower A pillars and a couple small holes in the drivers rear pillar.









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Yeah mate, I'm only going to be posting updates over the next year or two so it looks like I'm actually working on it but in reality I won tattslotto and paid someone else to build it so this is all just elaborate ruse to hide my new found wealth from my friends and family.



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My thoughts exactly. ^ ^ ^


Great job, steep learning curve, but awesome results. Watching with interest.............miss my XP. :( 

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thanks guys, settled into my new job now and more motivated then ever to get stuck back into it after almost a month off from it.

the colour will stay the same and and if i can remember the paint code for it a pearl white roof.

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thanks everyone. I plan on keeping this car for a while so do it once do it right so don't wanna be have to be redoing it in 5-10 years time when I already have 2 more cars needing to be done.

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warning a lot of pictures in this post
no updates on the XL other then i've gone as far as i can with it for the time being, waiting on a job thats been held up to come off the rotisserie and a car i painted is finally back from the trimmers so the next month will be spent finishing that of.

anyway here's a few photos of when dad first got it on the road.




back when it had ground clearance and very little visible rust.

Might as well show some of the work thats gone into my fairmont too, got it with the intention of not doing much to it other then a set of rims.. 
picked it up the week after i turned 18, stock as a rock genuine factory tickford kit, LSD, tickford head, leather interior with 190k on the clock.


first thing was a polish, 2 1/2 exhaust with lukey headers and a set of ELGT copies.



also had some pretty good rust in the inners. reminds me should probably get it up on the hoist for another look becuase its probably rusted out somewhere else. 


drove it around for a while like that then decided a full respray was in order

followed by some SL king springs 


Then this happened..
bent it pretty good, one of the bonuses of working in the insurance side of the trade at the time was got it repaired for the cost of parts only

kind thanks to campo for donating the front panel
smashed it at the start of december 2012 so didnt have time to finish the job properly 

went halfs in a donar car with a mate so got some panels to put on it while i got the other panels ready to paint (only took 2 years)

then i drove it like that for almost two years, rebuilt all the suspension and put in some koni shocks and put some pacemakers on it when the lukey headers cracked and that brings it all up to date to my first post.

I will also add that I had Campo from Campton graphics redo the black tape on the doors, can highly recommended him for any signwriting and sticker needs you may have.
from this


to this 



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Its been a while since any work has been done on it but finally a little bit of progress, right side boot floor is welded in and behind the diff is cut out ready for the new floor to be fitted up. 




much better then this




the welds have been cleaned up and a small patch welded in the left floor but it was lunch time by then so didn't get any photos

Also have the front floor sitting in nicely ready for when we get around to doing the right side floorpans.

but the next bits to be done are in the right hand C pillar





still trying to work out how one side of the car looks like this



but the other side looks like 




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The front bit of the boot floor has been tacked in and the fuel tank sat back in to mark and drill the holes. so this is the back of the car pretty much finished unless anything magically appears after its blasted 




also pulled the diff and rear springs out today to find out its a 3.2 center instead of the 3.5 it should be



which is going to save a bit of work because i was going to put this diff in for its 3.2 ratio



still might use this one anyway because a red diff will make it go faster.  

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