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Thanks for all the compliments guys (read when posted, I'm just slow sometimes )

I'll be back in the shop tomorrow and we'll see where we can get to. It needs some refinement still to get the dimensions to match the original.

Wasn't too bad to make so far, but as its a first shot and I've been wondering if I processed things in the right order. Thought about asking on an fb page I'm on... that might get hints from guys like Mr Tommasini (seen him comment on there before).

Funny thing I noticed when looking around ebay etc, the rather expensive but well made parts from down town kustoms.. they make the large quarter sections but in their pics don't show the full profile I've just made, even though they call it a full lower quarter. I mean it is.. but it isn't.

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the fun in the reply saying....we don't know anyone with the skills to make that section

That may happen on the spraypainters page... maybe even the panel beaters page, but not this particular metal shaping one. There's people who actually know what they're doing on that one

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A lazy $2k...
$20 for sheet-metal, and the rest in skilled labour.
I wonder how many hrs it would take!

He does a "whole" quarter as well for about 5k... in four pieces that you have to weld together.

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