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Where to dyno tune in Adelaide?

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Good point there... Cheers man

If he's got a good rep from more than 2 different people, he should be alright. Most folks only report bad shit.


My Clevo's were built for reliability, so never had the urge to get them dynoed.

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Being old school (no computer) learn how to do it yourself


Seriously chassis dynos are a waste of money, been there done that

All my mates would agree

Nobody knows your car like you do


Chassis dynos dont take into account aerodynamics, weight or g force etc


Its only carby you need to play with

Dont worry about timing yet, thats last


Make 1 change at a time, test and write down how it felt


Another good option is buy an AFR meter

Then you know at all different situations whats going on

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My Turbo 250 has been pulled down & had signs of detonation from when Morpowa tuned it. Also the Cam & a Lifter was fucked & my mechanic reckons they didnt run it in properly ( I told them it was a new engine & the cam needed running in) They normally deal with imports though. I wont be going there again anyway.

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