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No worries mate. I didn't end up going anyway. Chose to watch Bathurst instead. Was thinking of heading up there because my mate had his vortech charged ls2 merc up there. He reckons he won't bother next year as they charge stupid money to enter for sweet fark all. Motivation is a much better event. Heard a rumor that the organizers of powercruise walk away with a clean 200 grand after everything's paid for. Not bad for a weekend hey.

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Geebus...... maybe we need to organize a car event so I can fix me ute up....... LOL , cheeky buggers.

Bathurst was pretty sweet, was on the edge of me seat for the last half after they fixed the track up.

Just after the race was postponed was a big accident down road, car rolled. Was people already there helping, so i rang the fireys, ambos and police, then went out and slowed traffic down, because theres a blind bend that heads into a 110km zone, and people couldn't see the cars banked up around the bend.

So they were speeding up for the 110km zone and get round the corner and faced with banked up traffic, was especially bad for trucks.

I never got to the accident site, was too busy with the traffic. Everybody got out OK though, few injuries but alive.


Amazing how many twats wouldn't slow down though and how many idiots don't move off the road when there are sirens and lights.

Got back in time to see the last 20-30 laps or so... was awesome, except getting sunburnt on the side of the road.... LOL



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