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Ants cammed LS1 XD Wagon Sleeper

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I Picked this up today,exactly as it sits off a guy who'd owned it for the last 27 years.
I'm not especially a wagon lover,but this thing is clean,no rust and bog stock.It even has a matching whitewall spare!
Needs a bit of a suspension attitude adjustment and a sunvisor.


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I lowered the old girl a couple of weeks ago and got rid of the nudge bar and had plans for bringing it in to start the driveline change,but then we got flat out at work so it got put on the back burner.
All going well it will be full steam ahead this week.

Here it is after the axeing and removal of the nudge bar.


And on the hoist sans 200 crossy:

And the dummy up engine we are using for trail fitting:

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Ef wagon tank dropped straight in,we wont have to drill one hole in anything and will have an efi pump.

The we got the ls dropped into place,looks home already:

Note how much space around the stock sump:

Also got the gear box cross member sorted,and by sorted I mean the vt gearbox mount bolted straight on the the xd cross member:

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The engine mounts have gone from this:
To this:

We knew we couldn't quite manage to use the stock tail shaft,even though the vn yoke fitted the v8 auto and the falcon uni's it was 75mm too short by the time we had the motor and box where they needed to be in the bay.I would think if you were doing this conversion in a sedan you could almost use a wagon tailshaft to make up the difference,I'll have to sit them side by side to check.

So the tailshaft is off to get a new tube in the morning,one of the few job's being farmed out.


And job one in the morning,start on the extractors:

20130213_165521_zps9ef9b529.jpg __________________

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Today I went down and picked up the vx that is going to donate it's heart.

Runs sweet a nut,still had the service books in the glove box and even still has a charged up battery:

Power steering box got fitted,then started on the drivers side extractors:


More as it happens.

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Some progress is being made still,however a lot of it is niggly things that take up lot's of time but dont look like huge amounts of progress.

We started on the shifter.
I wanted a falcon shifter in the car as I couldn't stand the thought of having a vt shifter in an xfalcon.This was a little harder than we thought.As none of the falcon shiters would line up with the gates on the commodore auto,the only thing for it was to cut and shut the handle.
So here we have a vt lower with an ea upper:



Underneath the stock length of the bottom of the shifter would have hit the handbrake cable so it had to be shortened both ends.


Also had the massive new tailshaft turn up:

And a big box of mufflers,pipes and bends arrived that will become the exhaust:

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Got started on the exhuast today,but theres still a ways to go it,and have just realised now I forgot to get photo's.
I did get a pic of the extra exhaust heat shield welded in place for the twin system though:

Also had some goodies arrive today:
new 3200 stally:

And the seats,ba leather fronts and the rear seat is the xd wagon seat with the ba trim fitted to it:


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On and on.
The exhaust was a mammoth effort to get it exactly the way I wanted it.
It took 3 days and 30 odd joins from the extractors to the tailpipes all made out of straight and a box of bends.This was Deans first ever exhaust,not to bad an effort I reckon.


Spoke to a couple of exhuast guy's and they reckoned if I wanted to keep it this low and run 2.5's I'd have to go under the diff,I didn't want it that under there as I reckoned it would hang too low.Dean got them over the diff and out beside the tank where I wanted them.

The good ls1 is now out of the vx and ready for a few mods before it goes into it's new home:

The mock up motor will be ripped out in the next day or so.
While the engine is out we will run all the air con and power steering lines and set up the condenser.

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A bit more done today.
Got the vx fans mounted onto the xd 3core radiator,but found space a bit lacking.
So we ditched them and went to some nice,thin ef el fans which will leave enough room for all the a/c gear to fit.Done a couple of custom xd to vx radiator pipes for top and bottom and the end result was a v8 sized radiator,thermos and no cutting of the radiator support.
Happy day's.
I'll get some more pics up in the next day or so.

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Some more smaller things sorted today.
Got the a/c core and lines sorted.
Power steering lines are done,unbelievably a 6 cylinder xf high pressure hose was exactly what we needed for the ls,it's the right shape,length and even the right thread on the fitting to just fit straight in!
And in another lucky coincidence,the vx throttle cable went straight onto the xd pedal,only need a little spacer to be fabbed up on the firewall so it will get full throttle.

Doesn't make for exciting photo's but I'll throw a few randoms up:

Ef fans mounted on the xd 3 core:


xf line into the ls pump:


vx throttle cable through the firewall:


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Been steaming on with this.

The fit up engine is gone and the bay pressure washed no paint going on the bay,if I get time over the weekend I might polish it up,maybe lol.


Also painted up the engine mounts:


This was the "mod" if you could call it that,to get the gearbox mount from the ls onto the xd gearbox mount.Notice the slotted holes?


And a box of modified loom we prepared earlier:


The cam,valve springs and high stall have been fitted into the good engine and auto,which i missed photo's of again :/

I did get some photo's of the almost finished product though:



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Not much action over the weekend.

Went and picked up a set of rims for it.
I'd love to keep the 14" white walls but I'm not keen on having 250+rwkw on old 215 tyres so I thought old school globes will keep the theme I'm after but allow some decent rubber to be fitted.

These will be the before photo's

I'm planning on repolishing and sand blasting the black off them.

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So the black engine is home:

Pipes are painted:


Next up dash is out to change the heater box for a unit with a/c:


As it's going together the floor is going to get some dynomat.
I'm also going to changer over to a clean xe steering column.
Got another pressie in the mail for it:


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Getting the dash sorted atm.

The dash in the thing was so mint there was nothing else for it but to build one out of it and the doner air con dash,but using the mint dash shell out of this.

Slow,painstaking work unfortunately.

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