CALLING ALL NORTHERN TERRITORY MEMBERS - show of hands needed please.

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OzFalcon has an application in the works with the Northern Territory MVR, to become an official accredited club,

able to offer our members participation in their Club Registration scheme.


The other states/territories of Australia, will be following soon!



As per the other thread of similar name, we need a show of hands, for all NORTHERN TERRITORY OzFalcon members who see this,

please add your name to this list, and pass it down the line.


- as per requirements, we need a show of hands from ALL NORTHERN TERRITORY members

including your member name,

and firstly - the total number of cars you own (including daily drivers), then secondly - how many of those vehicles, are 1984 or older -


These numbers, would also include any unregistered project vehicles, currently in the works.



1. --------- 5/3, you own 5 vehicles total, and 3 of them are 1984 or older. (ie, 3 of them would be eligible for Club Permits)

2. --------- 4/2



If members wish to put down their actual name, that's ok,

but can everyone also include their USER NAME please, so we can PM members individually, in due course.


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