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Show us,your daily rig or tow rig........

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get the defect lifted on it, (shouldnt even have one, they actually cant justify it by their own paperwork, long story), lower it and thats about it.


It already has had the paint betina'd and pinstriped and whitewalls, not much more to do but stereo and general tidy up with service. Im going to keep this one original running gear. i have another one in the shed im going to heavily mod and go all out on the running gear

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Hope it's OK reviving some older threads here...? There's some damn good content on here that hasn't been touched in a while. Easy to spend a good hour just looking through all the cool photos of peoples rides.


My daily drive is a 2001 AU2 Fairmont Ghia 5.0 in old-man Organza gold with grey leather trim and just on 280,000ks. Factory Sat-nav but also Tickford body kit, Tickford brakes, XR8 wheels, 3" exhaust and rear louvre (love it or hate it).


Just really reliable, easy to work on, not worth a lot and not too showy - good comfortable daily...















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My daily. due for a wash and polish again to look like this.


1981 diesel gemini,  6 litres per 100km of slowness (can get well over the speed limit eventually)


bought it a few years ago while i was in Tassie.

Mark looked at it for Me, bought it and drove it from Ballarat to Geelong, I flew back to Victoria, Mark picked me up from the Melbourne Airport around midday, and i was on the spirit of Tasmania at 7pm that night. and back in Tassie next morning.

did a lot of touring in it over there, and when i came back to Vic, i left the gemini there for a few months. as i brought My van back first with all my crap. (all my crap has expanded and would never fit in a van again)
i caught the train to spencer st, bus to air port, flew to Launceston airport where the mechanic that i dealt with picked me up from there and took me back to Longford where he was storing it for a few months. back on the spirit of Tassie the same day and been driving it on and off since then. 
mostly reliable, i don't think it's ever not made it home. hasn't had many issues other than the glow plug/wiring . 








factory tinted right hand tail light.. from the rolling coal

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