CALLING ALL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MEMBERS - show of hands needed please.

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You've had them rims for years.!  


I'm going to a club meeting tonight for a barossa car club, talk about the same things you did.

The legalities, club rego, historic, engineers etc, etc.   Let you know what happens.


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Ok.  So I went to the Barossa Ford Car Club meeting at the Motor Lodge, on Thursday night. Got there early, so might as well have a chicken dinner and a coupla bourbons...

Everyone was in agreement that all the rules being 'relaxed' a bit was a good thing. So, now you can put an airconditioner in your hot-rod, or a CD player in your Mustang, or even disc brakes on your XP hardtop. Apparently the club no longer has to inspect vehicles once a year. Although it should be said that if the Transport dept asks, you must make your vehicle available.  Most members were happy to turn up to a Show'n'shine event, meet their respective person from the club and take a couple of happy snaps for the record.

Logbooks must be filled out prior to leaving for your trip.  Logbooks are valid for 3 years. (unless you leave your nominated car club).

There was a bit of a grey area regarding how much authority or power the nominated rep has. In regard to whether they can refuse a car as "Historic", or in fact not sign off on the vehicle. Obviously your car must be roadworthy and numbers checked by Regency (transport mob in SA).

All vehicles once called Historic, are now grouped with Street rod and left hand drive vehicles, all now known as "Club rego"  As far as I heard, number plates were staying the same as they are on your car. There is no meetings to attend, no set amount of runs to join in, just be as active a member as you want.

So, I reckon me and the Missus will join up for 12 months, and see what happens.


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