"Cenny" LS1 Centura

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just doing  a copy paste to get the build over here, will include all the old clevo swap info/pics as well.


Well the major part of this driveline will be ford, so here is a few pics, 


pulled out the 265 hemi/4 speed.


trial fitted the 351 with a shell of a C4 for fittament, so far only clearance i need to sort out will be a remote oil filter, will try again with extractors, but i have a feeling i'll probably need to make some,


i know the motor is dirty but keith and myself spent the best part of 2 or 3 hours cleaning it all up to get all the caked on crud off it. will have another crack at it for final fittament. and give it a paint and what not.


plenty of clearance for everything, so it'll work 


first 351 is a get it all in and running for engineers, to engineer it all i need is good brakes and catalatic converters, with cat's i can do away with all emissions gear so i'm a fan of that.


in the meantime i am collecting some other bits to build a pretty highly strung clevo, but i'll probably have more details and pics on Cletus when i start the write up there.


massive room






















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had the boys over today, got the engine mounts done, falcon chassis plates bolt straight to the plates, makes for a quick and easy install/removal, i need to drill and tap 1 more fresh hole for the bottom corners but other than that i'll be getting given a run as is, now all i need to do is modify gearbox mount to suit, and find a tailshaft, i havent measured yet but im thinking im going to have to start with at least a falcon shaft, if not an LTD one and shorten if necessary, never know i might wing it and it'll fit wink.png


startermotor works now, and im just organising to get a converter to get me going.






would you like some rail with your rust?






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slightly behind schedule but never buy a centura unless its been kept on mothballs in a vacuum (of course unless you dont mind chopping it up to fix it good  )

because i think unless you were smart when you bought one brand new and welded/seam sealed all access to the chassis rail, i bet the insides of most of them are full of dirt, one shovel full just from these areas i swept up.












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starting to look like something is going on now 











rightio here's todays progress in pictorial format 

















and more pics













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did a little more


making crush tubes to be welded into rails



drilled pilot holes for crossmember, took a little while, and a bit of tripple measurement





the angle will sit inside the rail, bolts go through you get the picture,



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rack all in and connected

pic of one of the seats

getting there

all mounts for seats complete. the 25x50 for the rear seat mounts protrudes into the tunnel and the tailshaft loop will be welded to it.

a bit of rust preventitive 



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got a bit more done today, forgot i had some brand new carpet in the boot for the front, its brown but it matches the trim for now, eventually it'll all go black or grey,

more pics





seats need a clean but im not going to bother till warmer weather comes around otherwise they wont dry


got a funky water/dirt stain in them from when i half cleaned one when it was warmer.

goes good for a stocker, even got an original style chain !!

this looks good

motor back home


mega clearance


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some more progress pics




this is the bad door, already had some pretty decent bog in it i found with the wire wheel, it got re-filled, i'll replace the door when i find a good donor at a later date some time down the track.




few more bits of rust repair at the back, stupid rust

Charlie has been doing a good filler job, and is going to help out and get that a bit better then stick some primer over it, and it goes on the trailer this Thursday to go to my painter, we are just trying to get as much of the prelim work as possible out of the way for him so he gets the job done fast and back to me in a nice timeframe so i can get it back together for Summernats.

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had a slight drama with diff length yesterday, fixed that by shortening diff 17.5mm each side, knocking 12mm off each axle spline, and turning 6mm of the splines out of the minispool each side, and welding it all back together, made a jig for the Centura mounts, and welded those on as well and its back in the car now here are a few pics centurahome%20001%20(Small).jpgcenturahome%20002%20(Small).jpgcenturahome%20003%20(Small).jpgcenturahome%20004%20(Small).jpgcenturahome%20010%20(Small).jpgcenturahome%20011%20(Small).jpgcenturahome%20019%20(Small).jpgcenturahome%20014%20(Small).jpg

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here are a few more pics,




engine and box in !!

waiting for the hoodlining to arrive in the mail, then i can get the roof done, but tomorrow arvo i'll work on putting booster/master, pedals, and get the dash and under dash wiring installed, then move onto the doors, get the glass/handles/trims etc, take it an arvo at a time anyway  shouldnt take too long.

got a mate over this arvo, he's going to sort out the diff brake line connections and what not for me which is bloody good !

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got a bit more done
- door seals
- carpet
- back seat
- all seat belts
- wiring for fuel pump, extra wires ran for other things in future to boot, as well as speaker cables if i decide to put speakers back there,
- wiring /relays fuses etc for ignition and thermo fan and a few other bits, just need to connect a few ends, main battery cable better protected and bolted up to starter,
- passenger front seat installed,
- fuel pump bolted up,

less and less parts kicking around the shed now anyway !!

few pics





mission control ready for launch lol



Good old mix of old brown and new grey

16" SPAL skew blade fan, moves serious air.

bay shot

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list is getting shorter !
down to
- windscreen wipers
- alternator upgrade
- getting these wheels to fit the front properly hopefully
- passenger front door internals
- console
- few bits and pieces and screws in the dash
- swap wires around on fuel sender so that it reads properly
- probably some stuff i forget right now, but its on track !
well tomorrow im going to chase up some 5 or 10mm spacers and see if i can get the fronts on without the tyre touching the strut !!! but i think its do-able, we'll see, if so i'll have to pull the rotors and put longer studs in, as the flange on these wheels is really thick, and even without a spacer the mag nuts barely reach (other alternative is to find some mag nuts with a longer shank/thread)

also installed the new rocker covers that rocked up today!!




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well finally got around to taking it to the dyno, just so i had a before graph as pretty well next time it goes on the dyno it'll be testing out some new motor mods wink.png
i was supprised, guesses ranged from mine at 115rwkw, through to a mates guess of 160rwkw haha he said "have some faith in the old girl i'll go 160" lol

anyway when it came down to it it actually ran a 144rwkw or 193rwhp not bad!!, considering it has a broken ring on number 4, std bore, stock camshaft even with standard nylon tooth timing gear with a crapload of slop, haha..

and according to the converter sheet i have based on 70mph power peak, 3.89:1 ratio diff, and 24.63" tyre diameter (225/60/14), peak power is @ 3800rpm LOL


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another power increase which is good, all the other lines are my previous power runs, from original baseline of 144rwkw, 175rwkw with cam upgrade 185rwkw with same cam but no air cleaner, then 210rwkw

got a bit more work to do when i get time, like building some pipes for it to get rid of the cast manifolds, and considering a better intake, as the port line up is not 100% ideal, but we'll see. will get a few small gains here and there anyway. but for now its hauling ass no problems, traction problems yes.

gave it a bath the other day and took it for a cruise out the road and took some pics









did some more work on the fuel system today




bit overkill for a carby setup, but with no internal baffles/sump or foam fill, i decided there was going to be too much slosh with low fuel levels, and i already had a surge tank, so in it went.

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well in other news, motor developed a rattle during a drive, partially my fault due to not checking the oil levels combined with it having a bad sump leak as well, oil check after drive showed half stick or just a touch under, that combined with 6000-6500rpm = toasted big end bearings, ooops

oh well ripped it out, tore it down, and found the big ends were all stuffed, other bearings seemed ok, but it was due for a freshen up, rings had zero tension left on them, pistons practically fell out of the bores, 
and even though i'd cleaned all the piston tops up with razor blade and wire brush, 6 of them were already starting to build up a good deposit of black cruddy mush after only 2 tanks of fuel... so it was burning oil pretty good too wink.png

anyway, went and got another motor from the old man, pulled it down, it wasnt a whole lot better but the bores were in better shape and it was .030 over so figured it was more sacrificial, and more suited to a re-ring and new bearings, 
dropped it off at the shop to get a hot wash, new cam bearings, and a hone, as well as getting the best of the 2 cranks linished, 
(after seeing the insides of the motor that i was getting 210rwkw out of, you'd wonder how haha, and it probably would have kept doing it for a while too)

got a call from the shop today, and the parts are ready for pickup, problem was i was 30 min drive away at the time, and it was 50 mins till they shut, but i was waiting on some tyres to be fitted to some rims, 
so i'll go get all that stuff on monday, and order the bearings and gasket set, the rings are already on the way from the states.

on top of that i've decided to ditch EFI, and will probably order the AFD single plane intake early next week if all works out, 

also got a set of old tri-y extractors to cut up and modify to fit the car this time round too.

so with the fresh bottom end/ new intake/ and extractors, we might see some pretty significant gains out of this combo yet stay tuned.

and the wife is buying me Gauges for my birthday this year, (in a few weeks) so i'll finally have a tacho/speedo/and oil/fuel/water/volts. 

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well new manifold arrived today! looks awesome, got a few dirty patches on it on the valley cover area, but i expect thats just from when he's machined the angle on the carb flange for me before posting, im not worried about it anyway, only going to get dirty on the motor 






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few updates
got the bottom end going together, 4 slugs to go/cam/oil pump/sump etc and the short is done,


and the new gauges, started working on getting them in this arvo too.




im going to paint the alloy black once its all done, and have some stainless button head hex screws to fix it.

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few more progress shots, managed a pretty quick solo install, just need to connect everything up now, and modify the extractors to fit.

shockingly i got the 14" filter with 3" element to fit under the bonnet!! its very very close but its not touching, i do need to probably step down to a smaller element just so i can get a nut on the lid though, its that tight, but we'll see i might be able to use an actual nut instead of the wingnut thing.







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