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  1. 6spd manual is heaps good. Falcons with 4 speed autos can't keep up off the line.
  2. Nice, catch the bug?
  3. My daily now is a ford focus diesel lol. Chops VTs all day so meh
  4. Not overly sad about the death of "V8 Supercars" Nothing wrong with a bit of variety
  5. Gonna be heading down sunday with the pursuit I think
  6. Ugh, looking like an ECU failure damn it
  7. Joy of joys, I need the patrol this weekend, go to start it last night, just cranks and cranks and cranks. Just replaced the Alternator on it last weekend and now for some stupid reason it's no giving power to the fuel system and coil at the very least (god knows what else) I can hear the ignition relay clicking as well and everything ignition related seems to work as it should so fucked if I know what's gone wrong
  8. Nice!
  9. Better then my day then hahaha
  10. Icy roads in ballarat today. The pootrol felt like it had 1000rwhp lol. Too bad the Alt shit itself so I missed the day cruising around wombat
  11. I've done fuck all arc myself but when I was taught, rod angle was pretty important.
  12. Slag inclusions. Maybe not enough amps for the rods, also wrong stick angle, drag at a 45 degree angle
  13. Not quite welding yet but a flange plate drawn up for an Nissan FJ20 motor. Can't wait to tackle my first turbo manifold.
  14. Still always fun to see a big(ish) motor dropped into a small car
  15. Nice day? Ballarat? I call lies and I work there haha!