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  1. Has anyone used the Safebrake brake lines? if not what do you recommend
  2. Gone with the DBA107S T2s on the front and the DBA109 on the rear. Now I just got to work out the Pads thanks so far all!
  3. Has a one had any experience with the DBA slotted and the DBA slotted and cross drilled. ideally I’d like to stay away from cross drilled due to the warp / crack risk. Slotted and dimpled seem to be the go but can’t find. Am I not looking hard enough or do they not exist?
  4. Without going to full after market Calipers etc what’s the best disks and pads for a street car XE Fairmont with a fair amount of 351 grunt. So that’s front and rear disks and pads. Mine are shot but still stop. Motor is going in soon so need to sort this out. I’ve searched the forum but most posts are old and I’m not sure what’s still available these days. thanks in advance