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    can anyone id this diff?

    its a 6cyl 3 speed XD S Pac. So ill hunt for a EB-EL Tail shaft. so XF hand brake cables? the diff has all the brake lines, ill post a pic this arvo. thanks heaps for your help

    can anyone id this diff?

    it does, looks like you gentleman had I.D'd it... the question is now.. will it fit? and what hand brake cables do i chase? can i rattle the round flange off and use thd XD FLANGE?

    can anyone id this diff?

    has solid discs and the round tailshaft flange

    can anyone id this diff?

    ta mate, what photos will help?
  5. hi guys i bought a diff today for my xd sedan, was told "100% its from an XD mate" its a disc brake diff, upon getting it home, im not sure its an XD diff.. the numbers are on the casting: 0578-026907 The numbers on the tag are p/n 910a-4005-1c i pulled the cover and it has 3.27 on the crown wheel. What the heck have i bought and will it fit? will the hand brake cables fit? (the car isnt here yet arrives next saturday so i cant measure anything, but the previous owner welded the diff up hence why im changing it)