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    toploader vs c4 auto

    But the renegate shifter on the toploader was a lot of fun esp for track n hill climb stuff ️

    toploader vs c4 auto

    I jus changed over to a C4 from a toploader mate.. I've got a 393ci 600hp n wouldn't be real cruiser friendly with a manual - depends what u like I guess but with big cam n horsepower I def think auto.. took me ages to change over

    AODE into xe

    I saw a smik XE at Phils auto in Newcastle few weeks ago running a decent 351' and AOD but box was out as apparently it was leaking n it's common on them.. I had one behind a 68' mustang 302 Windsor n was sweet I jus don't think they handle huge power real well

    Pistons - 351 crank, 302 rods

    I've had the exact same set up for my 351' n built it in 2005 and havng had an issue at all ! Made 340rw hp n goes pretty hard with top loader ,9' and 750dp on it

    Simmons FR-1 20'su

    Yeah thanks mate it's comin along nicely now goin up there tomoro to drop off the new engine to be painted n see her in the flesh now the bay is done

    Simmons FR-1 20'su

    Got the rear guards rolled more before it jus got painted last week so cheers What about the front guards mate ? Any issues ? I've got RRS front coilovers n hoping they won't scrub guards on full lock

    393 cleveland

    I stil like the idea of having a 600hp cleavo with air con n power steer that I can show for a while n be good enough for powercruise later on

    Axles ?

    I've got 28 spline axles in my LSD 9' and pretty sure they are out of an XB 9' n I wanna put smik axles in her so I don't bend em later on Where do I buy some quality axles from ?

    Fuel system set up ??

    Hey guys I'm needing help on what fuel system set up to run on my XF now I'll hopefully have it home end of July ! I jus bought a pavtek 393ci 600hp so will need a surge tank wyc n have a good mate who happy to fab up a custom alloy fuel n surge tank but unsure where to put it n run lines etc Any help or pics would be sickkkkkk Cheers
  10. SMIKXF

    Simmons FR-1 20'su

    Thanks for the photos mate, I'll make sure mine is the same rolled length !
  11. SMIKXF

    Simmons FR-1 20'su

    No dramas with clearance at all ? What size tyres
  12. SMIKXF

    Simmons FR-1 20'su

    What size front n rear width rims did u go with mate ?
  13. SMIKXF

    393 cleveland

    Have u ordered ur engine yet mate ? I jus put a deposit on the pavtek 600hp 393ci cause one thing I do know is a poor man pays twice as I have done many times with my car over the 15years I've had it n now I'm jus goin with the reputation n quality the guys there have ! Get what u pay for with engines.. Hope it works out sweet for ya mate.. Love ya build thread too