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    Xe hydraulic conversion

    if you start with an auto pedal box it would fit easier.. i have a feeling the shaft won't fit due to the others having a flat on the shaft and you'd need to file it (the hole in the pedal box) out to round. not sure if the cable manual pedal box has the pivot in the way? might need to cut it off?(if so, i'd find an auto one, and sell the manual cable one, as they are getting rarer now due to cracking)
  2. deankdx

    LPG horsepower gaining mods

    i think one of the things about 100% propane is it burns hotter? could = other issues i guess. there is a local gas supply here that sells it at the pump for same price as the servos sell the mix (was never conveniently open when i was due to fill up. My high compression XF would ping on gas but wouldn't ping on 98 petrol and that was with the dizzy advance locked(dyno guy reckoned that suited the LPG best on engines like mine? it was a strong engine, chopped My mates tickford VCT 4.0 fairlane )
  3. deankdx

    LPG horsepower gaining mods

    is it injected gas? watch this series if so
  4. i saw one recently chopped up on an ESCORT Mk2 and also one chopped up on a gemini (one might have been an XD one, even rarer) i've never seen them for under $50, but i bought TWO Whole XE S PACK WAGONS for $300 each about 10yrs ago.. sold the spoilers off each for $150 each.. was half way back to Free cars. i sold the last set of GHIA XE lights for $70 the pair.. .. yeah.. wish i held onto them now(was probably 15yrs ago, .. but.. around that time, i also could have bought any one of 5 XE ghias for sale for under $500 each just on gumtree/ebay etc i bought the one for the lexus V8 for $350 from memory... on the same rule... My brothers XB fairmont was $180, with 6 months rego in about 1991.. yes ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS mine had nyloc nuts and bolts in a few places with washers.. could still rip one off though if no fucks given..
  5. holden gemini ran electric fuel pumps standard with a carby. there'd be heaps more similar. i'd have assumed you'd need engineer certified because you were changing the emissions controls.. won't be for power reasons, will be to certify it complies with emissions. the wording there is interesting,.. i'd say it's not an accurate statement
  6. deankdx

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    with a stock cam and 3.9 diff you'll be starting off in 3rd gear, this will NOT suit a stock small revving engine combo at all(mine was crap with 3.23 ratio and T5 with small cam) if i had a 3.9 diff i'd want an engine combo that revved to 6000 happily. so here's the choice in my opinion.. fit aftermarket EFI computer, or a carby manifold and go big on the cam and engine work.. or keep it stock with 2.92 or 2.77 diff gears . @CHESTNUTXE had unsuitable gears recently on his ute. @ando76 what would you suggest with 3.9 diff gears? do you agree they need big revs to be useful/enjoyable
  7. deankdx

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    when new the XF EFI was quick. (for it's time) unless you are planning to thrash it, leave it stock. be cheaper and easier to fault find. that's My advise, if you get a bigger cam, the lower revs will lose some torque, so then you need a diff ratio change, and then it becomes less of a cruise comfort driver.. the stock cams love the 2.77 diff gears
  8. i used to do the same for the fords i had.. now i'm doing same for gemini to a degree(can't afford what i'd like to have spare though)
  9. nothing's cheap these days when i first bought a genuine lip 25yrs ago for My XE S pack, i paid $50(the original was mangled ) the last 2 i sold about 15 years ago off wrecks went for $150 in a snap. haven't seen one under $200 for a while lately, and i'd expect that's cheap, because ESP's are now worth triple what they were then, and every ESP guy is a hoarder probably snapping them up and storing forever
  10. check post #4 one of the members here used it on an XD bumper for a while(until the elusive XD S pack one turned up) http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/showthread.php?41507-Rubber-Front-Lip-DIY-(under-80) the previous owner of my car used 4wd rubber guard flare from clark rubber & self tappet screws to make a lip... mine turned out alright too... its been on for a while hasn't deteriorated with UV rays etc... it wouldn't be as effective as the one you have done but looks the goods IMO...how it looks...
  11. deankdx

    350 holley on stock 1992 XF ute Having trouble with the tune

    I also recently mixed and matched an XE and XF one. i don't think there's much difference in a performance point of view, they share the same main parts, just the later they are the more pollution hoses on them. i'll be sticking one on a gemini engine at some point i suspect, it will need jetting changes and dyno time.. had been told to consider a 38/38 weber for that combo(bigger cam, bigger ports and valves) they should also be good on a falcon, but not sure how easy the linkages would be to set up on a falcon.(is same bolt pattern as the 34ADM falcon carby)
  12. deankdx

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    @ando76 may be the one to know, about standard EFI system running a different cam i'm not "everyone else" when it comes to the EFi, i've seen how even a standard cam with a worn lobe caused the XF Efi to be a royal pain to run right.
  13. deankdx

    XG Steering Coupling removal.

    wow that coupling is mint, hope you arn't removing it to fit a nolathane one. i remember the one i did once was an asshole of an idea, i'm fairly sure it's a normal thread @SPArKy_Dave may know, he likes fixing these things
  14. deankdx

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    i'd just email crow cams, here's the cam list. https://www.crowcams.com.au/Portals/0/Catalogue/Index%20PDF's/Ford%206%20Cylinder%20Crossflow%20and%20Pre%20Crossflow.pdf i haven't rebuilt one in over 10yrs, and i farmed a lot of the work out . and chose the wrong combo of parts, but mine was straight gas anyway so got away with a mild cam(i should have gone bigger) if i had an EFi car keeping all the stock gear, i'd use a standard cam, because they are very fussy these engines using the stock air flow meter etc. i drove one once that only had a 2.5" exhaust, cold air intake and extractors and it made 107rwkw on the dyno mine made 99rwkw on LPG, might not sound much but they make bucket loads of torque and the 2.77 diff and long gears suit this combo. if you don't want the thing owing too much when finished, keep the engine relatively stock, you'll have headaches if you modify it much.
  15. deankdx

    Ford Xf Fairmont Ghia (Papou) - Rebuild/Help

    crow cams had a listing for the efi cam that was slightly improved, they go plenty good as is when running right. in My experience you won't get change from $4000 if reconditioning any engine(doing belts and hoses, and changing engine mounts and cables and everything else in between) if the engine is running right, leave it.. if not, i'd be diagnosing that first.. the Efi was common to wipe cam lobes, and if so, just get a new timing chain, cam and lifters fitted and see what it's like.. you'll struggle to find people willing to work on old cars these days, the issues are usually not able to source parts, or rusted bolts blowing the time budget out far and beyond. also the quote argument where people say WHOA! i could buy another car for that.. these cars are one of the easiest to work on, you would have to consider doing a lot of the work yourself(saves a mechanic breaking something also, which i've had PLENTY of times)
  16. if they are being made in fibreglass @EgoXF may know if Alfa motorsport did it, there's a mob in Qld doing a lot of fibreglass stuff also RESIN DOGS they are on facebook the stripes are available, @SPArKy_Dave may remember who did them, i can't brain right now
  17. deankdx

    Distributor module

    guessing it wouldn't have been electronic when new, it may have "resistor wire" from key switch to coil(or ign module) if you are cranking on the original wire still. .this is equivalent of a ballast resistor dropping volts.. could try hotwiring it briefly straight from a good source (battery) it's starting to remind me of BGDAV's F100 where we don't trust the timing marks, it doesn't seem to run where you'd set it(10deg before tdc) it needed a heap of advance for some reason. we swore the thing must have had no spark, no compression, no fuel.. i pretty much decided it had to be fuel so fitted LPG back to it.. it was easier to NOT FLOOD IT then.. it seems to have a very narrow timing area where it works on both fuels.. timing light is showing from under the engine like at 7oclock area , a long way from the pointer. we haven't gone further other than, it can now sit for a month, crank over on LPG and fire up and move WOW! yeah, it's reliable.. no idea what it drives like at this "setting" yet
  18. deankdx

    Ford XF radio

    @SPArKy_Dave was mentioning the capacitors die in the ghia premium ones, but i've repaired bad solder joints on the circuit board of factory and aftermarket pioneer units before.. so depending how handy you are, have a look for cracked solder joints
  19. deankdx

    XF Cluster Speedo Adjustment

    that 21 tooth gear is quite often used, you'd probably be able to sell it for $20 easy enough at min(or $35 incl post perhaps?) i had 235/60/14s on my cars and it actually removed the factory speedo error with the 2.77 or 2.92 diffs.(used the wheels on several cars) the tyre size will be a small percent difference, like 3 or 4 i think over"correct" sizing of tyre. i never went by colours of the gears, just need to make sure it's the correct one for the gearbox in my opinion(borg warner 4 speed auto or C10/fmx etc) i've seen varying colours with the same teeth and angle in the past.
  20. deankdx

    XF Cluster Speedo Adjustment

    for 10% you can go about 1 tooth difference on the gear for.. i assume you went from 19tooth to 21? if you get a 20 tooth t will be about right. for anything in between if you pop the needle off and preposition it slightly over or under at ZERO it will give you a simple adjustment. i think there is a trim pot on them you can adjust, but from memory it might be painful to access. you can also do it with an electronic speedo corrector kit.. shouldn't be required for what you have though
  21. deankdx

    Vac Lines and Pollution Control

    @Crazy2287 is the megasquirt guru here. hopefully he can shed some light on what's needed, but i'm betting the megasquirt won't be too fussy on vac lines, only vac leaks.
  22. deankdx

    Cleaning up engine bay

    on another note.. cleaning the gunk off the paint in the engine bay can be rewarding, mine was so bad i used clothes washing power and a scourer in bucket of warm water then JIFF in places before giving it a wash n wax wash.. probably could try some car polish or car wash stuff first, i think the clothes washing stuff made things rust that weren't painted..
  23. deankdx

    Cleaning up engine bay

    can see that green one is unplugged from the doover whatsit for starters with the heated manifold, do you want to bypass it just because the fittings are garbage or to make it look better? heated manifolds work by making the liquid fuel atomise, this will happen better when the motor is warm, but if it's working properly the coolant warms up sooner. can be a pig in winter without it.(unless on LPG, which is already a vapour) the other hoses and gadgets won't make it go better by removing them. i don't know what they do, but if you plan to rego it, i wouldn't be removing anything until after rwc for starters. hate to have to refit it all later. i think @Mr Polson might have had the diagrams for these hoses and gadgets.
  24. deankdx

    How much is to much

    that rust is pretty typical of any XD XE XF XG etc age these days, was pretty common 10yrs ago even. is that TOO MUCH, NO! if that's all that's in it, that's not much rust at all. @2redrovers might have a better explanation but from My experience, in these falcons. .those spots are easier to fix than most other cases. check the wiper plenum, remove the grille by removing the left wiper arm, then 5 or 6 screws, spray the redbacks inside,, put some gloves on and vacuum or get the leaves out of inside there. check for rust inside.. that's the worst to fix in my opinion. A pillars(things the front door hinges bolt to) can be rusty sometimes, but if they aren't rusted you'll rarely find much elsewhere.
  25. deankdx

    V8 windsor efi

    i thought the AU had same input shaft as the older 6cyl T5s but longer extension housing end with gear stick further back.. never seen one though, so would also tag @Thom