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  1. Thanks Dave, I've got one (Ford) with Reg expiring in August, will start to work towards it.
  2. Approved, good stuff. Well done, thanks.
  3. I'm not sure where to post this question, but what happened regarding the Club Registration application, was it approved??
  4. jack's xd

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    Thanks for welcome guys, I'll get around to some pics soon.
  5. jack's xd

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    Actually, just realised, my car's an ED not an XD. Oh well.
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    Hi, I'm new. Have owned a lot of Falcons/Fairlane cars in the past. Presently have a FGX ute (Eco Lpi) which I really like (not for sale) and an old XD (6cyl sedan) Classic I bought new in 1993. I've never owned any car as long as this one. They really are a great car. Haven't driven it for a few years but it's all there in the shed and I plan to bring it back to life and do some good things to it when I get time. Thanks for having me.