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  1. Lachlan

    HELP- Upper Control Arms

    Cheer heaps guys, really appreciate it. Gonna give it a crack myself. If I fail will try Backtrack.
  2. Lachlan

    HELP- Upper Control Arms

    Cheers for the help guys. However I don't have the tools or ability necessary and no mechanic seems to want to do 'em as soon you mention bracing etc. Any other ideas or anyone happy to do them around Newcastle region? Happy to even pay someone and have them shipped if someone's willing. TIA
  3. Hi guys, Looking for new upper control arms for an Xd. Mine are all bent, and when pressing the bushes found the casting to be poor. Anyone able to point me in the right direction or even possibly link me up with some new Xd upper control arms? Would these fit? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mustang-Suspension-Rebuild-Kit-1971-1972-1973-71-72-73-Control-Arms-Mach-1-351-/271737391350 (the upper control arms) Also need lower control arms but they have been much easier to find. Cheers, Lachlan
  4. Lachlan

    How to Check Stolen XD

    Good stuff. Thanks heaps mate
  5. Lachlan

    How to Check Stolen XD

    Ive seemed to have tried everything. Always comes back with no finance owing, and just comes back as unavailable for everything else. Even tried a few different sites. Pretty certain hasn't been registered for a fair number of years. However, was taken from NSW to QLD on a NSW permit back in 2009. Bit of a mystery really. Might have to go see police I think. Thanks fellas On a little side note, a 351 into an 81 Xd Panelvan is fully legal in NSW without engineering isn't it?
  6. Lachlan

    How to Check Stolen XD

    Hey guys, New too the forum. Looking to buy a 351 Xd, the buy seems good and all the only little situation I’m having is doing a REVs check. Since the xd has the 16 digit vin I can’t search the ppsr to see if it’s stolen. Not sure if this is a silly question. How do I find out if it’s stolen? Cheers