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  1. Its a beast body has its own antitheft device its called the look of it...... other cars park away from it to avoid catching something and people who dont have tetanus updated arent advised to hop in it but spins on first secon and third around corners and roundys. Bugger all clutch travel in first. Brother put a lumpy cam im it a port and polish and dont know what else he done and cant ask because i got it from him after he passed so wanna supercharge it because we both spoke about doing that to our old xf utes and stealing the superchargers off dads trucks when he wasnt looking
  2. My partner wants to get either a 120y coupe or a 1200 ute to restore after i get another ute and i have a garret that I brought for my old 92 mx6 that never got used
  3. Because i dont wanna folow the trend and my garret ive got in the shed we are saving for my partner when we get her a datsun.... plus its more old skool and to me it fits better with the thought of power for me
  4. Would an l67 supercharger work on my xg
  5. Im getting there waiting on the guy to reply 2k for clean and straight one
  6. Stir fry sounds good could cook and egg off dads exhaust
  7. I wish i had of found this forum when i had my xf's
  8. Grew up working on dads 78 xjs v12 jag so no room = no problem
  9. I like the blower over a turbo eventho i have a garret sitting in the shed
  10. So thinking of buying a tickford to supercharge pros and cons please