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  1. Nath-25

    Urethane Engine Mounts

    Why stop there, just go straight to brass
  2. Nath-25

    Urethane Engine Mounts

    Why would you want urethane engine mounts?
  3. Nath-25

    AU Converter issue

    Manual conversion... Seems to me like there is no other option
  4. Nath-25

    OHC block corrosion

    We've found something Dave doesn't know... PS: What's that gold looking beastie next to the Falcon?
  5. Nath-25

    Injected 460

  6. Nath-25

    Injected 460

    Can't complain about that...
  7. Nath-25

    Turbo xf falcon.

    Thanks, I do try.
  8. Nath-25

    Turbo xf falcon.

    Things I know about boost: A magical snail whistles and makes your car go faster.
  9. Nath-25

    Turbo xf falcon.

    Shit that makes my crappy wiring jobs look professional.
  10. Best traction control system I've seen is the good old right foot.
  11. - AU II Calipers + Brake Pads + AU II Rotors - AU II Sway Bar and Sway Bar Mounts + links - AU II Stub Axles - AU II Lower Control Arms Not sure about the ABS/Electrics side of things though...
  12. Nath-25

    Odd miss with au xr8

    Fuel pump maybe? Mine had an annoying fuel cut when you were booting it sometimes, turned out to be the pump.
  13. Nath-25


    Nice head bro.
  14. Nath-25

    378 stroker

  15. Nath-25

    AU Falcon AC intermittently stopping.

    Let me know if you need any bits, still got the full aircon setup from my XR8, was all working.