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  1. Hey Guys, My brother has just picked up a pretty clean really low km (105k) '92 4.0 Fairmont. Quick question on converting it to a manual; will the pedal box and cross member fit from any 6 cylinder E series? Cheers, Ben
  2. Been a bit hard to get anything done on the old girl the last few weeks between rain and home renovations. Finally had some time today to cut out some of the rust. This is below the quarter glass on the drivers side. After a little wire brushing revealed a former "bog will fix it" solution Old Metal out ... I must admit I was pretty nervous at the point, Have never cut and replaced before, only ever just fiber glassed over the tops Pretty happy with the results considering this is my first time Why the heck does it have this? It's a carbied 4.1 with 3 speed auto so why an ECU? Did a few other patch repairs but this one was the hardest due to the need to bend it out from some flat donation steel from the XG. Ben
  3. Where on the mech does this go? Do you roughly know the dimension of the spring cos I may be able to just wind one up on a piece of stock in the lathe
  4. Replaced the door already hinges broken right off the original. I think there's a spring missing from the lock mech. It doesn't have that normal pop feel to it.
  5. Not much done on Misty this weekend. Dicked around with the catch mech on the drivers for to see why it didn't lock and was hard to open from the outside. Came to the conclusion that I just need to source a new mech. Unfortunately the XG catch mech is completely different. I did give the mighty 250 a bit of a much needed scrub. Before: After a quick degreasing and scrub Decided to keep the xflow in there for now. Anyone know where I may be able to source a manual bellhousing around Brissy to bolt the T5 from the XG in? Also tossing up the idea on converting the 4.0 to run a Holly instead of screwing around with harnesses
  6. Tonneau is the original so it's pretty shaggy and worn. Was hoping to find some alloy ladder bars for the front and rear of the tray so he can carry his surf boards easily. I like the look of the solid covers but they are a pain in the arse if you need to carry something big. I agree with making it one colour, freshen up or remove the side trim. I'll see what it looks like without the trim then make a decision from there.
  7. Yep, staying the same colour. Still undecided whether to keep it two toned
  8. It's Blue Mist, which is B, but the compliance plate says B6 so I'm guessing that's because it's got a different colour lower half. The colour on the XG is gum tree shit
  9. Sills are gone in the XH, rust holes in the chassis and the dash has been removed. Shame cos the body is nice and straight. XF is in amazing condition for its age. No cracks in the dash, seats aren't torn. Someone's really looked after it.
  10. He was hoping he'd get to learn to drive a manual in this.
  11. PM me your address. The cables are there on the wreck. They aren't beautiful but will do the trick. You need the screws the attach them to the body as well?
  12. Took delivery of a '91 XF with 4.1 and 3-speed t-bar in Blue Mist today as a project for my Son's first car. Immediate plans are to remove the little amount of rust it has in the usual places, respray and general tidy up. Also got a '93 XG at the same time as a donor car for the panel parts and OHC and T5 conversion in the future, but to fund the resto a lot of the parts on this will be for sale if any needs anything. Look forward to resurecting this old girl back to her former glory and the bonding time it will allow me and my oldest.
  13. Picking up two utes tomorrow, one for wreking pretty sure both still have cables. Pay postage and they're yours, I'll let you know the condition
  14. All good mate, they are pretty abundant and cheap. I reckon Dan may have one or two. Will also let you drop your diff ratios giving better acceleration and keep your rpm low at highway speeds.
  15. Haha all good I'll share anything but my wife