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  1. Yea mate I know the Bosch ones, but wanting them in a red colour way, no brand does it expect eagle, just wanting to tidy everything up as my engine bay looks very crap, and all old components, ahaha today I cleaned out both washer bottles! Took abit though. Little things count for me at the moment!
  2. I have found a set of Eagle 9mm leads suit efi 4.1 on eBay, will they be alright to run through a stock crossy? http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=252164509497&category=33692&pm=1&ds=0&t=1508825718000&ver=0&cspheader=1
  3. Hi all, is there a way to get the leades a different colour? Wanna get them but do I have to order them if to be a different colour? Cheers! Or anyone know a brand that does them different colour?
  4. Cheers mate interesting, I just thought the 85 pre needed additive as it was leaded. With the oil is that more of a protective oil? Just looking more for something that is good on the engine for its age, I remember when I first took all my plugs out to see what was going wrong with the car when I first started having problems and the very back one was so thick with oil and deadset sludge all on the threads it was so thick! I’ll try get a photo one day up of it! Never seen anythin like it!
  5. Alright guys! Saturday I’m doing a service on it! What oil do you recommend!! Plug brand and type. And leads! Also as it’s a 85 model, should I be running 91-95 with additive? Cheers
  6. Update for all you. Rocker went back on with all lifter rockers and pushrods torqued all installed, i picked up a silver xf efi complete, Everything efi out of it and used the bits I needed to tidy up mine and have spares, swapped the isc unit and the maf airbox over and few of the vaccine hoses, also swapped tailshafts as mine was a huge round one on the end I’m pretty sure it’s out of el? For the one without the big dome around it hard to explain. At the start up it wasn’t running right, with all the new stuff until about 5 minutes in when it tuned itself I reckon and it’s amazing!! No stalling no leaks, there is still a slight ticking which is fare as the live may be worn. I’m going to put thicker oil aswell. mths car is running no tailpipe at the moment as the tailpipe I have is the stock and my extractors back is 2.5inch so it’s loud... next. Clean up the wiring. Am I able to connect the wires all together so I don’t have that many on the terminal? And tips on cleaning it up? once I’m happy with it and everything is up to my standards and running as good as a daily it’ll go in for the rust in the boot seal and the bit in the rear mud guard cut out and respray, anyone recommend someone for the job, not looking for a show car finish just a going over as a neat car. Cheers everyone who helped appreciate it and there will be more to come!
  7. Yes that’s the one mate. That controls the idle at all temperature? So it’s basically like a choke on cold start aswell?
  8. Alright when I first got the car it would idle fine but then it started stuffing up and I unplugged the isc plug and it would idle fine once warm. Afm isn’t the problem as it’s plugged in now and it’s fine, cheers for the help guys, what oil thickness should I put in? There is still a lil ticking sound but I reckon that’s the cam. I’m looking for a isc and the hose that goes from it to manifold. Cheers all
  9. Give all. Everything is back together!!! It’s seems to be running decent but is not when’s the isc and the airflow sensor is plugged in! Is this just faulty units?
  10. Just put the rocker and the manifold back on, they all looked fine so hopefully when I start car it’ll build the pressure up.
  11. All pushrods are down I saw movement coming from all rocker arms, haven’t seen oil coming through the push rods yet, should I go and put everything back together and start up? It’s just some of rockers are from my believes not primed yet? And are still loose not from the boot but the tension as I can still spring them down and up, hard to understand without a video.
  12. Aren’t the rocker arms meant to go hard like I can’t push them down and they’ll spring back? That’s what they where like when I took rocker off the first time
  13. Alright have cranked engine couple times a few of them have gotten hard, should I keep cranking till they all go hard? Cheers all
  14. Green plug is pulled out the square relay is unplugged, am I safe to crank the car?
  15. Cheers mate I’ll pull that out and give it a few cranks with the key and plug it back in see how is all looks, I’ll keep you updated!