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  1. Yes that’s the one mate. That controls the idle at all temperature? So it’s basically like a choke on cold start aswell?
  2. Alright when I first got the car it would idle fine but then it started stuffing up and I unplugged the isc plug and it would idle fine once warm. Afm isn’t the problem as it’s plugged in now and it’s fine, cheers for the help guys, what oil thickness should I put in? There is still a lil ticking sound but I reckon that’s the cam. I’m looking for a isc and the hose that goes from it to manifold. Cheers all
  3. Give all. Everything is back together!!! It’s seems to be running decent but is not when’s the isc and the airflow sensor is plugged in! Is this just faulty units?
  4. Just put the rocker and the manifold back on, they all looked fine so hopefully when I start car it’ll build the pressure up.
  5. All pushrods are down I saw movement coming from all rocker arms, haven’t seen oil coming through the push rods yet, should I go and put everything back together and start up? It’s just some of rockers are from my believes not primed yet? And are still loose not from the boot but the tension as I can still spring them down and up, hard to understand without a video.
  6. Aren’t the rocker arms meant to go hard like I can’t push them down and they’ll spring back? That’s what they where like when I took rocker off the first time
  7. Alright have cranked engine couple times a few of them have gotten hard, should I keep cranking till they all go hard? Cheers all
  8. Green plug is pulled out the square relay is unplugged, am I safe to crank the car?
  9. Cheers mate I’ll pull that out and give it a few cranks with the key and plug it back in see how is all looks, I’ll keep you updated!
  10. Where abouts is the fuel pump relay? They the square fuses on the driver side?
  11. Also having trouble cranking the car as it’s in a awkward place to get to. Any other way? Cheers.
  12. You explained that perfect and I have thought that as well, just making sure I have gone through YouTube as well and Sussed it all out, just wanted to get some feedback from people who actually worked and know the ins and outs of these motors, I’ll try and get it all back together tonight, how long should I crank the engine by hand? Will they all harden up if I do it? Cheers
  13. Hey mate, cheers alright if your looking at the head front on it’s the 4th and 5th rocker up that is hard. It was easy to do up with the torque bar but just doesn’t spring back when tensioned like the others, I haven’t tried cranking with the socket as I don’t want anything to happen and want to follow the correct steps, I can’t really show you in a photo as it will just look all the same as there bolted down.
  14. Not sure mate, anyway to tell? I was thinking that, should I just try hand cranking it? If I loosen the rocker it’ll spring back just under full tension 2 are already rock hard. Cheers for info
  15. But it is the 2 right next to each other exhaust and intake side ones, everything is all torqued down and ready for me to crank it over by hand which will be tomorrow just want to be sure it’s okay before I go ahead. Are they meant to be like a starting stroke or something like that so that’s why there hard them two? Cheers Emilio