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  1. bigpaulo

    Paint Correction

    Gav thats awesome. Thanks so much for going into so much detail. Yeah ive found it can be pretty bewildering when diving into the art of detailing. Ive been watching vids on youtube, but they can also get a bit confusing as different people have different methods. I think my best bet would be to find a spare panel and have a practice before hitting my own car. Waxit seem to have some pretty good deals on DA polishers and product.
  2. bigpaulo

    Paint Correction

    Im looking at getting a DA polisher so i can have a crack at getting rid of swirl marks in the clear coat. Ive watched a fair few "how to" youtube vids and i reckon i could get the hang of it. Has anyone here had a go at this before and can give me their advice? Im mainly wondering what the best way is to prepare the panels before i hit them with the polisher. Cheers!
  3. bigpaulo

    Oil Breather

    Haha yep the other end! On carby models the pcv is on the oil filler cap which is at the front. I think the efi ones have it at the back.
  4. bigpaulo

    Oil Breather

    I think we might be on the wrong path here... i have a pcv that is plumbed up and working fine, i dont have any intention to stuff around with that. I just wanted to do something about the pipe at the back of the rocker cover that lets air in. Its all good ive figured out how to sort it, ill put a pick up when ive fixed it up.
  5. bigpaulo

    Oil Breather

    Im not sure a catchcan is what im after... I just wanted something over the end of the "suck in" pipe so it doesnt suck crap into the rocker cover
  6. bigpaulo

    Oil Breather

    Oh wait hang on im a bit confused now. The circulation of air, does it go -->air cleaner-->rear rocker cover pipe-->pcv--> Or -->pcv-->rear pipe-->air cleaner--> I hope this makes sense Id draw a picture but im no picasso
  7. bigpaulo

    Oil Breather

    haha thats pretty nifty!
  8. bigpaulo

    Oil Breather

    Yo So, ever since i put the holley carby and changed to a small air filter, that pipe on the back of the rocker cover that usually goes into the bottom of the air cleaner has just been flopping about all over the engine bay... i never knew what else to with it. I changed my oil the other week and noticed a fair bit of sludge in the bottom, thought ive been sucking years of crap in through that open pipe. Can you fit those little oil breathers onto the back of the rocker cover there? Any recommendations? Ive never really looked into them before. Also, where that pipe connects on the rocker cover is a right angle fitting, can i change this to vertical so if i put a breather on it'll sit upright? Cheers y'all!
  9. bigpaulo

    Holley rebuild and setup for standard 250

    I think, from memory, i have 60 jets (or there abouts), 8.5 power valve, and a 38 squirter. I think... I remember when changing the power valve i also bent a thin guitar string into the powervalve holes in the metering block. Acts as a restrictor and i found my car definitely ran better with it in there. Stock apart from carby and exhaust.
  10. bigpaulo

    FW1 Waterless Car Wash/Wax

    My old man bought this stuff from some bloke in a carpark a few years ago. He did a demo on his car and it was pretty impressive. I have still never used it to this day tho.
  11. bigpaulo

    XH rear bumper onto XF

    Nooooooooo polson dont do it! Haha. I reckon they look too rounded to suit the x series shape. Takes away from the oldschool-ness
  12. When you put it all back together you'll need to get some contact adhesive and glue the headling back along the ridge in the window. Otherwise when you put the window back in its liable to push the headlining down. just a handy tip!
  13. I just did this, massive job! First, remove the rear window. Take it right out. Next youve gotta try and peel the headlining back away from the rear window. Its probably gonna be glued along the rear edge, so you have to try and break the adhesive without breaking the headlining. Also completely remove your interior light. It might also help to remove your rear vent window rubbers, and c pillar trims just so you can peel the headlining back far enough. Once the headlining is back, if you reach up and feel along the top of the rear window you will feel 4 threads with nuts on poking through into the cab. Undo these nuts and the top trim will be loose. The same applies for the side plastics, there are two threads on each one that poke through into the cabin. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  14. bigpaulo

    Decoding car radios

    Ive got no idea what the vin is, I scored them from a wreckers, they were already out of the car
  15. bigpaulo

    Decoding car radios

    So i grabbed a couple of these radios from the wreckers the other day the guy at the wreckers told me i'd need the code to get them working. but i thought surely in this day an age theres a way to crack a 25 year old radio code... Any ideas??