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    Maybe 3 litres in a converter.....? I agree with Dave, don't know what's in there, then go with the recommended fluid. Oil change and flush, stick in what ya want.
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    A pan fill is only 4ltrs. The torque converter has another 30ltrs or so in it, hence you'd be mixing fluids... unless you knew what was in there before? Not the best idea to mix Mineral/Synthetic trans fluid I didn't think? My reasoning is that actual TQ95 still exists for a reason? I'd want to see some sort of viscosity info across the various available fluids, to compare.
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    Agreed Chris, they're relying on their name to sell. I worked in Spares for about 3 years, never saw a Castrol rep..... Saw NGK, Tectaloy, Penrite though.
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    I must admit my auto services have always been done by a mechanic with a flush machine, hook it up to the trans line and run the car, pumps old fluid out new fluid in, often takes 2x/3x times the fluid capacity to come out clean. I've also been using Penrite for years, engine, diff, gearboxes (auto and manual), brake fluid, greases. And Dave, as for why is TQ95 still on the shelf? Because Castrol is awful for updating their products, and representing and educating about their oils. I've been with Repco over 3 years now, and never seen a Castrol rep in either store I've worked in, and minimal product updates. Penrite I see a rep each fortnight, and continuous product improvements, new releases and product info.
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    BTR Auto Transmission Videos

    Good information in here Dave and great work sharing it, should help alot of people out.
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    Spring dimensions?

    I have what I think are stock V8 springs. Measured 95mm ID. Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
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    BTR Auto Transmission Videos

    The EB transmissions are more serviceable than the later ones. The EA/EB/ED/EF ones have the better oil pump (higher flow rate). External dipstick. Easy external band adjustment, (internal shim adjustment only, on the later ones).
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    i prefer lows because the car still drives fine (not much bump steer, and has suspension travel still)
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