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    Longreach tail gate decal ?

    graffix unlimited makes them along with all the other decals,there is 2 versions of the longreach sticker xg and xh
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    The BTR/DSI/ION 4spd Auto transmissions are most definitely NOT sealed. Of course you can check. The filler plug, is a 16mm nut on the right hand side of the transmission towards the back. Make sure you only use a six sided socket, (not a 12 sided) or you'll likely round off the plug hex. The fluid should be a clean cherry red colour. If it's a black/red, or brown colour, then it needs a service. Only use TQ95 transmission fluid in BTR's.
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    Camtech do a 201 deg at 50thou cam that will work (CT142 509). Will be a strong cam with standard 2.77 or 2.92 gears, especially at highway speed. Probably aim at 9.5:1 compression and use good fuel. I always pick Camtech over Crow, but that is just me.
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    Longreach tail gate decal ?

    Thanks guys ....Thanks for the info
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    some of mine have been 4x4 height with engine in .. xe wagon i wrecked was the highest without an engine though..
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    Today was a productive day! Stripped more of the engine bay out, airconditioning,power steering and cleaned as much of the wiring up. Nearly ready for paint and as soon as it goes there the fun begins on the motor as I’ll have the space in my single garage to lay everything on a clean work bench... you gotta day the xfs are like 4wd without the engines in them hopefully by next week I’ll have the list of parts I need for the rebuild and off I go to order them in one hit!
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    Longreach tail gate decal ?

    what's that sticker mob @SPArKy_Dave they had a lot and would make them?
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    Longreach tail gate decal ?

    I recon i looked around for these decals for ages and couldnt find them. Steves on the money, probably easier to get some one to make up some repro ones.
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    steve mcqueen

    Longreach tail gate decal ?

    Get one made up. Plenty of decal shops out there now that can do it quick smart. Have you got a pic of what you want? If so, take it with you and show them and presto, all done.
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    Vz no go after tranny flush

    Well the the wags is just like its number plate ALL 000 Circa 1980 green and white (its the cooks car and thats her to T) all or nothing. It didnt like being left all alone idle for a week. It was just flooded . It drained the battery trying to get it to fire. So i pulled it of the shed put a set of jumper leads on it and it went . Thats a win for the good guys.
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    All good, it’s for a slight lope to it; doesn’t really have that rough sound to it, entry level chop if we can call it that hahaha. Considering what others are saying regarding the limits on the stock ecu, I don’t think you’ll be getting too much lope either on idle unfortunately... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Mad Scientist Crossflow

    Tonys Metal and Speed. There is some cool clevo in chev rat rod in there to distract you. Enjoy.
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